14 de Noviembre al 1 de Marzo de 2023

Anikó Boda

Anikó Boda

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Anikó Boda

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Anikó Boda studied at the School of Visual Arts and The Art Students’ League in New York after graduating from the Medical University of Szeged in Hungary. She exhibited in one of the major institutions of figurative art MEAM (Museu Europeu d’ Art Modern) in Barcelona, besides in New York, London, Prague and Budapest. 

Resonating across time with the traditional painting schools of Florence and St. Petersburg, Michael Trieger’s precise technique and the spirit of contemporary artists like Odd Nerdrum, Boda’s update of trompe l’oleil painting reflects the process of its making. With a penchant for experimentation, Boda expands her repertoire of painterly media. And then she deploys her ’inventions’ creating fresco-like ’weatherbeaten’ surfaces and lively objects. Her iconoclastic work is based on general psychological and philosophical questions of human existence, but always with a twist, as she refers to it:

„Sometimes we like to take certain truths granted. I like to dissect these traditional values, examine them from multiple points of view and turn them into pictures” 

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