Jacques Bodin


Jacques Bodin is a French hyperrealist painter who lives and works in Paris.

Active actor of the new hyperrealist movement, he has been in numerous gallery shows and his work has been featured in many books including Peinture et photographie(2007), Hyperréalistes in France(2006), ), Nature art today (2010) and Jacques Bodin Paintings(2009.
Recent publications in periodicals have shown his work: Poets and Artists (February 2010, december 2009), Dessins et Peintures (january 2010), Public Art (January 2010)

Most of his paintings are made in an almost absurd scale and magnification, so the subject becomes a kind of abstraction separating it from ordinary reality and endowing it with a life of its own. The hair, the orange , the herb become a world in itself, a microcosm.
He focuses in on the essential the spititual oneness of his subjects.
There is, indeed, a connection between this magnified section of human physiognomy or nature and the universe.
Approaching minimalism, some of his works embark on a conceptual aspect of hyperreality.