Silent Snowfall

Técnica: Oil on linen
Dimensiones: 36x30
Precio: Consultar Precio


This painting is inspired by a memory from my childhood. As a kid growing up in rural central Wisconsin, I spent many winters sledding down the hills on our forty acre property. One evening as darkness was setting in, my siblings all went back to the house for hot cocoa, but I stayed behind on my favorite slope in the woods. It had started to snow very softly. I lay down on my back and stared up at the tops of the pine trees, letting the snow hit my face and eyelashes. I remember it being so quiet out in the woods that I could hear the sound of the snowflakes hitting the ground. It was magical, and every time it snows that softly, I am brought back to that moment in time. This painting is also special to me because it marked a turning point in my developing skill as an artist. I learned a great deal about expression through varied brushwork and the use of a more tonal, limited palette.
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