Autor/a: Juliana Tann
Técnica: oil on canvas
Dimensiones: 140*160
Precio: Consultar Precio


The perception of the world by each individual is unspeakable, and everyday life is a continuous attack on it. For the first six months of our infant life, we perceive the world as synesthetic. In most of us, synesthesia still manifests itself in a hidden or restrained form. But for some people, thanks to this feature, the world looks quite unusual..An image can sound, and music can be an image. Each day of the week and month can be colored in its own color, each touch can evoke a certain emotion. Most people tend to think that the mind is in the head, but the latest discoveries of physiologists suggest that it travels throughout the body with caravans of hormones and enzymes, comprehending the fusion of miracles that we call "touch", "sense", "smell", "hearing", "vision". But the very division into feelings, thoughts, and sensations is a scientific abstraction. Synesthesia is our shared past and present, which allows us to recall it.
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