Dorothy Day

Técnica: Oil on canvas
Dimensiones: 30x40
Precio: Consultar Precio


The portrait of Dorothy is not my most realistic painting. But in its imperfection Dorothy comes to life. While I was doing it, a lot of my friends and clients visiting the studio, thought it was complete as they said it was almost alive. This painting called more attention than others more realistic. Dorothy is a saint to be. She was already declared Venerable by the Catholic Church. She will be a very unusual saint as she was such an imperfect but faithful person. Social activist, journalist, suffragette, champion for human rights, co-founder of the Catholic Worker movement. Her deeds spoke about a God that unconditionally loves imperfect people. This painting reminds me of it every day. I had the opportunity to share this portrait with one of her grand-daughters (the author Kate Henessey) and she said that no one have ever capture "granny" so well. The result of this work went beyond my control and that is what Art is all about. this is the reason why I'm sharing it.
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