Agapi Kanellopoulou

Técnica: oil painting on canvas board
Dimensiones: 29x40
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"This painting is special to me, since it made me become obsessed with oil painting and never stop painting ever since. “The Dark Self Portrait” has been a huge milestone in my journey as an artist. It is the third portrait I made using oil colours. I made it when I was 19 and I had just moved to Patras, a small town in Greece, to study Mathematics. This painting gave me the confidence that I could paint with oil paints, but most important that I could really become an artist. It also taught me to allow the painting itself guide me, rather than trying to impose my ideas on it. It made me discover myself more and was the beginning of accepting myself as an artist. I hope that this painting may touch each person in a unique way and be special to you too."
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