Room 32/Venetian Summer

Técnica: Oil on linen
Dimensiones: 75x90
Precio: Consultar Precio


To deal with the grief after a very special love story had come to an end, for me there was only one possibility: paint about it. As a photo reference I used a greyish snapshot - nothing more - of the hotel room in Venice where we often stayed. While being very concentrated in painting the patterns of the sheets and the bed cover, the tears gradually dried. I added our shoes and (identical) watches to tell about the story and the temporality of it. Finally, I painted the surreal reflection in the window to involve Venice. The light on the sheets and the bedspread - as a reference to happier times - had come naturally. In this painting I further developed my alla prima painting, a technique that I had discovered not much earlier. Gradually I got more and more pleasure in mixing and sculpt my paint on the canvas. This painting (which I have never wanted to sell) is the second in a series "Rooms with a View", which now has ten pieces
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