homeless people

Técnica: Oil on canvas
Dimensiones: 120x100
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This is Fernando, a man who lives on the street. Each of us has a different look, a history, a life, and it is these small details that motivate me to portray people. More than anything, know them. Biography: Emerging artist from the Algarve, I now reside in Lisbon, and I am 27 years old. Nothing better than writing my biography than talking about my work. Our mental and physical health should not be seen as taboo. The attitude is always influenced according to society and our culture. The explanation lies in the fact that the so-called “life experiences” of each one of us. Throughout my work, I intend to explicitly convey insecurities that we all have. Oil painting allowed me to capture individual experiences that can be seen in several people who do not have the courage to expose them. Each of the paintings incorporates the concept of social exclusion, shame, depression, insecurity, pressure, violence, etc. We need diversity in the examples that surround us. And we all need a healthier relationship with our bodies and with our image. The use of unconventional models allows me to convey a hidden beauty between each one. A personal and global journey in search of health and body connection is my biggest goal with this collection of paintings.
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