Técnica: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimensiones: 100x120
Precio: Consultar Precio


Much of my work draws from cultural inconsistencies of growing up as a Venezuelan-American woman with a reconstructed left breast due to a left-breast agenesis at age 15. Due to having a body which does not fit into commonly agreed upon western expectations of "woman," and having to augment that body at an early age in order to fit societal definitions, I constantly challenge categories of identity/systems within my work. This triptych represents the liberation that comes from radical self-acceptance and self-love It explores self-rejecting and self-acceptance, and how we must learn to live with our inner demons in order to ascend to a better self. This triptych was shown at the collective exhibition "Je suis..." as an attempt to reconstruct Parisian identity after the terrorist attacks in 2015. Artists were asked to complete the phrase, "Je suis..." inspired by the movement "Je suis Charlie." Through my experience, I attempted to create a roadmap for society to also begin to heal.
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