Awaking of the quilty conscience

Técnica: Oil on canvas
Dimensiones: 120x150
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A strong man and all the same the sens of the quilty cosciense bring him to heels , spread over him as a dark pall. In our humane life we are all face to a lot of difficult situatons. This is so hard for that people who stays very close to us. The ideas transmited by the painting , perhaps are more important in the present situation. A few thoughts about me and my paintings. In his paintings, László Benkő searches people’s frame of mind, beliefs, relationships, feelings, character shortcomings. Social affairs, family, effects of the accelerated world on humans. The world of a viewpoint of a woman, a mother ,a child, an artist, a father. The meaning of our existence. Religion, relationship with God, meeting of belief and man. What do we transform into by an impact? When do we do good and when do we destroy? The effect of our decision on our environment and on ourselves. Stages of our human life, our physical and spiritual progress , our inevitable changes and encounters. In the paintings, choice of objects, pieces of clothing, characters, movements have symbolic meaning, witch, at the end, creates a complete composition, producing a personal view and world.
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