Técnica: Óleo sobre lienzo
Dimensiones: 80x80
Precio: Consultar Precio


A little while after completion of this painting in 2018, I became very sick for half a year. My condition did not allow me to paint for the entire time, as my hands and arms were severely hurting. There was absolutely nothing left to do to pass the time other than watching TV or going for a walk when the weather was ok. During this period of time, I felt extremely isolated - from other people, and from myself. Then one day, I received a phone call. An art curator wanted to exhibit "Tanja" in a show and asked me to send it. I agreed, but did not feel good about it. I was thinking: I cannot go to the opening show.... I have no possibility to have the painting framed before sending it.... But whatever! I sent it and then almost forgot about it again as I was so absorbed feeling the pain in my arms. Then a month later, I received a phone call from the curator again: "Seona, you have won the audience price!" What? It took me a while to believe what I had just heard. It was totally incredible that after all this time of hurting I was experiencing something so beautiful! I felt moved to tears. Then a week later, the third phone call: "Seona, the painting is sold!" Oh wow...! A couple of weeks after that I was feeling good enough again and ready to travel to receive my award in person. This all was very emotional story for me. Now, in times of isolation due to the corona virus, it helps me to remember that even the darkest hours can pass and then there can be happiness and joy again.
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