Oleg Radvan


My name is Oleg Radvan. I am 54 years old and fine art is my life. I never had a chance to receive formal education and have become “a self made man”, as the words are often used in American culture. All my life observations, studying and endless trying and searching during last 6 years emerged me completely in art work.

It is known that in recent decades realism has found a new special place, enriched by all kinds of modernism. I look at every face, every body from new, slightly different angle. I am trying to find something that has not been seen before, trying to bring personalities, emotions and aspirations of different people. This has been expressed by daring colors,
unexpectedly observed poses or richness of different personalities.

I’ll never be tired of trying to reach excellence in my work and I am dreaming to spend the rest of my life to this goal .