Jianying Chen


l loved painting since childhood. I began to study Chinese painting in 2003 .And I painted on pastel in 2014. In October 2015, Spanish realistic master Aurelio came to China to teach. I was amazed by his super realistic portrait. I had the privilege to be his student and devote myself to studying realistic portrait painting. Sketches and colors that l've been studying have also helped me adapt to pastel realistic portraits quickly. l'm fascinated with portraits. Until today, l've been exploring the manifestations of pastel   portraits.


List of exhibitions

Dec. 2015 China Pastel Network Fifth "Online Gallery" Online Exhibition
April 2016 China Pastel Network Sixth"Online Gallery" Online Exhibition
June 2016 China Pastel Network Seventh "Online Gallery" Online Exhibition
Sept. 2016 China Pastel Network Eighth "Online Gallery" Online Exhibition
Dec. 2016 China Pastel Network Ninth "Online Gallery" Online Exhibition
March 2017 China Pastel Network 2016 Annual Exhibition, Suzhou, China
April 2017 China Pastel Network Tenth "Online Gallery" Online Exhibi­ tion
June 2017 30th lnternational Association of Pastel Societies (IAPS) Exhibition, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
June 2017 China Pastel Network Eleventh "Online Gallery" Online Exhibition
Sep. 2017 China Pastel Network Twelfth "Online Gallery" Online Exhibition
Dec. 2017 China Pastel Network Thirteenth "Online Gallery" Online Exhibition
March 2018 China Pastel Network 2017 Annual Exhibition, Suzhou, China
March 2018 China Pastel Network Fourteenth "Online Gallery" Online Exhibition
June 2018 China Pastel Network Online Exhibition in the Second Quarter of 2018