Chris Klein


Chris is a British artist, currently sharing his time between Quebec and Ontario in Canada.
In 1983 Chris had his work accepted by the Royal Academy of Arts in London, UK for their prestigious Summer Exhibition. Before coming to Canada he was also an associate member of the Guild of Motoring Artists.
Exhibiting his own work in the UK, Europe and North America, he is best known for his two series of paintings. His Second Hand” series depicts used and recycled materials, mainly from junk yards, cropped tightly giving a “feel” of an abstract work. 
“With my Second Hand series, I regress to my childhood, wanting to run and climb and play among the abandoned toys and rusting cars. I paint with the same child-like humour, often titling the paintings with my personal thoughts and placing objects and toys among the wreckage. 
But there are also deeper motives, reflecting the contemporary age of "disposable everything", they are landscapes of our modern era, humanity's global stamp on our planet.
Chris’s “Costumes” Series was largely inspired by his work in theatre. As the Head of Scenic Art in the largest classical theatre in North America, Chris worked next door the their costume archive, thousands of costumes from all periods waiting for their next performance on the stage. 
“My Costume series invokes so many stories. The people who have worn them, the performances they have played and the stages they have walked. 
I have worked in theatre for a large part of my life, and this is my way to capture a part of that. It's hard to marry painting with performance and acting and dance. But this is my attempt to do this. I'm so pleased when actors and choreographers praise my work for capturing some of the essence of what they do.
The costumes are the stars, evoking memories of performances and outliving the great actors who have worn them. Costumes change the personality of the wearer, they become a king for the stage, or a real prince becoming a king as he dons a coronation robe. I try to capture the essence of that magic.”
Chris has been featured in many publications including “American Art Collector”, “poets & Artists magazine”, “The Discerner” magazine, “Pratiques Des Arts “, “Vogue”, “Creativeroom4talk” and others.

As well as producing his own work, he is also a scenic artist for film and theatre. For 10 years he has served as the head of scenic art at both the Stratford Festival and the National Arts Centre in Ottawa. Chris has worked on many sets, creating backdrops and related artwork and has contributed to major productions in London's West End and Broadway. In Canada, he has painted for many major Hollywood films and many shows for the Cirque du Soleil.



2017- Westland Gallery, London, Ontario, Canada
2016- Agora Gallery, Stratford, Ontario, Canada
2013- Galerie Luz, Montreal, Canada
2013- Galerie Richelieu, Montreal, Canada
1998- Radlett Arts Centre, UK
1995- The Wylliots Centre, UK


2018- Summer Show, Agora Gallery, Stratford, Ontario, Canada
2017- Summer Show, Agora Gallery, Stratford, Ontario, Canada
2016- “Industrialism in the 21st Century”, Nicole Longnecker Gallery, Houston, Texas, USA
2015- Dacia Gallery, New York, USA
2015- Art Fusion Galleries, Miami, USA
2014- AFK Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal 
2014- Denison Gallery, Toronto, Canada 
2014- Habitus Gallery, Sibiu, Romania 
2013-2014- PWD Gallery, Waterloo, Canada 
2013- Galerie Luz, Montreal, Canada 
2012-present - Galerie Richelieu, Montreal, Canada
2012-2013- Liss Gallery, Toronto, Canada 
2005-2008- Galerie Richelieu, Montreal, Canada
2005- Galerie Harwood, Montreal, Canada 
2004- Atelier 85, Ste-Adele, Canada
1997- St Albans Open Studio, UK
1995-1997- CRA St Albans, UK