Runping Zhang


Runping Zhang, graduated from Harbin Normal Education University. She is a professional artist, art educator, art critical expert, and writer. She initially studied Chinese paintings, comics, and watercolors; eventually specializing in oil painting. She participated in national and provincial art exhibitions, won numerous awards, and published more than 300 different artworks. A lot of her artwork is collected by individuals, and a variety of websites have reported and recommended her work including: NETEAST, SOHU, IFENG, and other media. She is devoted to the idea of expressing the development of human beings, and a declaration of common survival, honor, and creativity.




- In 1984, she participated in the Exhibition of Chinese Calligraphers and Painters held by the National Art Museum of China. The Chinese painting “Grassland Deep Road” was exhibited.
- In 1985, she participated in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Art Exhibition.
- In 1988 participated in the exhibition of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.
- In 1989 participated in the exhibition of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.
- Participated in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Art Exhibition in 1990. The Chinese painting "Bellas" won the third prize.
- In 1991, she was awarded "The Horse Award" by the Inner Mongolia Artists Association.
- In May 2017, she participated in the "Rebirth of the Scenery. Exhibition of Chinese Female Artists, Works of Midnight Library"
- June 2017 Shanghai Lujiazui Global Finance Center “The language of spirituality appeals to you” Oil Painting Exhibition
- In October 2017, at the invitation of the Christchurch Aide Charity Foundation in New Zealand, she went to the New Zealand oil painting training class.
- In November 2017, she participated in the "Building Dreams. Exhibition of Chinese Women Artists' Works" oil painting "Song Ming" exhibiting
- In December 2017, she was awarded "Top Ten Star Artists" by Xingyi Network.
- In December 2017, she participated in the “Out of Time” Chinese and Foreign Artists Exhibition in Beijing. The work “Short Foot Horse” and “Sleeping Awake” was exhibited.
- In December 2017, participated in Shanghai "Jingan Fandi Home Art Exhibition" group painting "A Discussion on Vincent", 20 paintings, etc.
- In December 2017, she participated in the exhibition “The First Trace of Chinese Traces” and exhibited “Out of Paradise” and “Without Return”.
- In December 2017, she participated in the exhibition of animal theme art in the United States, exhibiting in "The Great Artist" and "Friend Circle".
- In January 2018, she took part in four exhibitions including Shanghai and China Artists Exchange Exhibition, "The Muddy Angels".
- In January 2018, Beijing Roving Art Museum "Red Fruit Exhibition", works "Bad Cat Exhibition"
- April 2, 2018, Shanghai Puju Space "Zhang Runping Solo Exhibition"
- On April 9th, 2018, four works were exhibited at the "Rude" exhibition of Beijing Street Museum.
- On April 3, 2018, she spoke for the artist and went to the Jiuye Ono Hi Resort to discuss cooperation.
- In April 2018, she was invited to write a postcard for the World Wildlife Conservation Society.
- In June 2018, Shanghai Lujiazui China Financial Information Center Xinhua News Agency Branch “Zhang Runping and her friends exhibition of Chinese and foreign art”.
- In June 2018, she went to the German Art Exchange Exhibition.
- In August 2018, the Shanghai Fashion Center “Qiuqing Limit” invited artists to solo exhibitions.