Eddy Stevens


"Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties." Erich Fromm

"The essence of all beautiful art, all great art, is gratitude." Friedrich Nietzsche

" Everything you can imagine is real. " Pablo Picasso

"If the dream is a translation of waking life, waking life is also a translation of the dream." Rene Magritte


The visionary painter believes that the real "truth" of existence relies on the imagination to reveal the invisible. That what we normally perceive as reality is nothing more than an illusion which hides a greater vision and potential. Surrealism brought the imagination to the front burner of creative process. It threw out what many see as limitations in perception and replaced it with unlimited vision. The ability to eliminate "certainties " and free our thinking to include the unexplored, imagination, spirit force which helps us discover new worlds of thought and visual understanding. That without the imagination there would be no Art. That visual perception is personal and unique , making reality a purely subjective experience. Not everyone is capable of a unique visual experience, and I suppose that the role of the artist is to open doors to new ways of understanding and perception so that people ,less creative, can expand their potential consciousness. Belgian born painter Eddy Stevens carries the Belgian tradition for Surrealism into new visions of female iconography relating to spirit and freedom. In Stevens work, woman's identity is strong and self righteous. Sexuality becomes less physical and more spiritual, transcending the limitations of physical space and gravity. Stevens deep love for his wife, Sophie, and visa versa has over the years been his greatest inspiration. Most of his work before 2013 was a kind of ode to her spirit and passion. He portrays her as nude and wild, often dreaming of an out of body experience that gives her supernatural powers to hover and resist gravity. Dreams of flying often foretell change and one feels there is some motivation for these dreams. Stevens is a master of his imagination and connects it to his own life experience. In his latest work he seems to be uniting the historical past with the contemporary reality through lateral thinking. His series of portraits , based on old photos , that he then morphs from their original meanings to new ones using symbolism that radically alters our perception of them , are extremely interesting and challenge our set notions of "reality". Stevens is a painter who seems passionate about creativity and finding new roads that break from accepted modes of thinking. From the forward to his book...." Our modern times, complex and chaotic as they often are, may gradually be extinguishing the clear light from above, but the darkness is never all-encompassing. Artists like Eddy Stevens remain sensitive to the glow and show us the way to its source. For that reason we interpret these fantastic canvases as views of ‘the most important human possibilities’, possibilities to which we are called by these intriguing images and that are still within our reach. With the brush of the virtuoso and with the spear he is clasping in his hand , as in his self portrait, Stevens points out their commanding reality as well as the need to realise them. The contents of mythological tales are never bound to time or to a specific period. Time stands still in them, negating eternity. Maybe it is there that we find the light of timeless humanity that enables us to understand both stories that are thousands of years old and these modern paintings."