Eudald de Juana

de Juana

Eudald de Juana Gorriz was born in 1988 to a family of sculptors in a small town close to Girona (Spain), where , surrounded by an artistic and natural environment , he learned the trade and developed a deep interest for art.

Studying for a Bachelor of art in Figueres (Girona ) enabled Eudald to focus on learning drawing as a tool to study the world that surrounds us .

At 19 he began his formal studies in Fine Art and explored many different artistic disciplines at the Barcelona University (UB) , always using the human form as a starting point for his ideas, as he considers it the best tool to express emotions and engage with the viewers.

Upon graduation in 2012, Eudald moved to Florence to focus his training in academic sculpture and drawing at the Florence Academy of Art. Here he was able to pursue his interest in the human figure whilst working to a high technical level .

In 2014 he divided his time between teaching drawing in the Barcelona Academy of Art, and sculpting in a number of museums as a form of artistic residency, with the desire to learn from the great masters.

He currently lives in Florence where he teaches sculpture in The Florence Academy of Art.

Eudald believes in the importance of learning technique to the highest level possible, whilst continuing to develop the creative and artistic side at the same time.



2015 Honorable Mention competition Figurativas 2015, Foundation of the Arts and the Artists, Barcelona.
2015 Galerie Schloβ Wiespach. Artist in Residence, July - September. Salzburg.
2015 Best sculpture of the year in "The Florence Academy of Art", Florence.
2014 Finalist in the Founders' Prize Sculpture, London.


2015 Collective Exhibition - "Figurativas 2015". MEAM - European Museum of Modern Art Barcelona.. Spain.
2015 Collective Exhibition - "Work in progress". Galerie Schloβ Wiespach. Hallein, Austria.
2015 collective Exhibition- “Tocats per la Tramuntana”. Centro cultural Galileo. Madrid, Spain.
2014 Collective Exhibition - "Represents". 20th Century Theatre. London, U.K.
2014 Collective Exhibition - Permenent colection. Galeria L'Arcada. Blanes, Spain.
2014 Collective Exhibition – "The silence after Bach". Konvent.0. Berga, Spain.
2014 Solo Exhibition - "El ressò de l'obra d'Anton Casamor en l'obra d'Eudald de Juana". Casamor Foundation. Navata, Spain.
2013 Collective Exhibition- "Open studio Brucciato". The Florence Academy of Art. Florence, Italy.
2012 Solo Exhibition – "Entre la matèria i l'Esperit". Galeria d'art Dolors Ventós. Figueres, Spain.



Instructor of the sculpture program at The Florence Academy of Art. Florence, Italy.
Drawing / Sculpture Instructor - Chinese Artists Program in Florence at the Florence Academy of Art - The Italian Chinese Arts & Culture Exchange Association. Florence, Italy.
Sculpture Instructor 2014 - Summer Workshop: Sculpting portrait from live model. Barcelona Academy of Art. Spain.
2014 Drawing instructor at The Barcelona academy of art. Spain.
2014 Private workshops in studio. Navata, Spain.

Museum collaborations

2014 Live sculptural interpretation of the work " Eclosió " of Miquel Blay and demonstration for students of art in the Museum Empordà, Figueres ( Girona) .
2014 Live sculptural interpretation of the work " Margheritina " Miquel Blay and demonstration for visitors at the Museum Comarcal d' Olot.


2012 - 2015 Studies in drawing and figurative sculpture at "The Florence academy of art" .
2007 - 2012 Degree of Fine Arts at "Universitat de Barcelona" .
2005 - 2007 Bachelor of artistic school in Alexandre Deulofeu (Figueres ) .

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