Matan Ben Cnaan

Ben Cnaan

Matan Ben Cnaan (B.1980)

Contemporary Israeli painter Matan Ben Cnaan. Whose work study and capture the local Israeli with a non-romantic yet sentimental view. The land and its people partake equally in his view of today’s Israel.

Inspired by the local light and the visual offerings of the surrounding environment. Ben Cnaan’s scenes painting merging pictorial language with narrative. At times the narrative triggers the development of the composition and other pictorial elements, while the pictorial space, aside from its pure visual aspect, often serves as an interpreter for the motivating narrative.

Ben Cnaan lives and works in Jezreel Valley, Israel. His works appear in different private and public collections, both in Israel and abroad, and his painting “Annabelle and Guy” brought him the first prize of the BP Portrait Award 2015 at the National Portrait Gallery in London