Seona Sommer


Seona Sommer focuses on realistic portraits in oil, pastels, charcoal & chalk, as well as graphite. Even though she exclusively concentrates on the one figure on her canvas or paper while she is working, from a closer look at her complete works you can tell that Sommer's mission does not end with the plain completion of the portrait. She wants to show the diversity of human beings by painting people from all kinds of social, ethnic, cultural, religious backgrounds, people of different ages, genders or with different sexual orientations, or people differing in any other more or less visible, real or made up way. She also includes diverse emotional states of minds or atmospheres. 
You can find smiling and sad, black and white, young and old, rich and poor, familiar and unfamiliar, and many more people on Sommer's canvases or papers. All of them are members of the same human species though. While continually applying more and more hyperrealist techniques, the artist strives for an honest reflection of the portrayed figure and an open encounter with the viewer. Seona Sommer believes that personal meetings are essential for mutual understanding and global peace. She wants to encourage others to have multiple encounters, and then find the common grounds we all stand on. Seona Sommer is self-taught.

© Seona Sommer




Solo Shows

08/2017    City Hall Herford, Herford

2016        Historic City Hall Unkel, Kunsttage Unkeler Höfe, Unkel
2015        Bank of Cologne, 3. Brücker Kunsttage, Cologne
2014/15    Website of cultural manager Heribert Käsbach
2014        Gallery artclub, Cologne
2012        Gallery artclub, Cologne
2012        Physio WID, Cologne
2010        Gallery artclub Cologne
2009        Gallery artclub Cologne    

Group shows

2017        Grand Salon, Villa Berberich, Bad Säckingen
2016/17    Art Salon Q3, Sassnitz/Rügen    
2015        2. Brücker Kunsttage, Cologne
2015        3. smartkunst, Kulturbunker, Cologne
2015        1. ARTsteps, Lohmar 
2015        crossart, Cologne
2015        1.-4. smartkunst, Online-Galerie
2014        1. Brücker Kunsttage, Cologne
2013        Galllery Art Berel, Burgdorf
2013        9. KalkKunst by Stiftung KalkGestalten, Cologne
2012/13    ArtPackageKunstportal, Online-Galerie
2012        Nierenzentrum Merheim, Cologne
2010        6. KalkKunst by Stiftung KalkGestalten, Cologne
2009        FORUM in the Raum für Kunst, Paderborn
2008        4. KalkKunst by Stiftung KalkGestalten, Cologne

Awards / Memberships / Other

2016          Kunst Heute Award Nominée
since 2014  Founding member and project manager of Brücker Kunsttage
2008-15      Member of Galerie artclub, Cologne